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The World’s First Tranquility Studio

[def]. n – a hands-free, stress-free haven, that promotes the ultimate relaxation of mind & body through Floatation Therapy and / or Aqua Massage

Our i-sopod floatation tanks provide the most technologically advanced environments for your mind & body to escape in. Your body will have a sense of being in absolute weightlessness.Learn More
Imagine stepping into a modern piece of sculpted art, filled with 300 gallons of water precisely heated to between 92º and 93º, super saturated with 1100 lbs of medical grade Epsom Salts.Learn More
When using the Aqua Massage, you remain fully clothed while 28 stimulating, high pressured water jets (controlled completely by the user) journey up and down your body, mimicking gentle rain drops.Learn More
Do I need my swim suit? Can I drown in the tank? Is Floating a brand new concept? Who is Floating beneficial for? What is the Floating experience like? What if I’m claustrophobic? Why do you use Epsom Salt?Learn More

The Float Spot’s Lobby Area
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