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How to Float (part 2)

How to Float This is the second entry in our How to Float series.  While the first covered the basics of mindful meditation, this post will go over the more physical side of floatation therapy in the sensory deprivation tank. Health Benefits of Floatation Therapy There are any number of conditions that people use Floatation Therapy for in order to lead happier, healthier, less painful lives.  Many people suffering from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, and other conditions that effect joints, skins, and muscles are no strangers to the inside of a sensory deprivation tank.  In fact, the argument could Read more
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How to Float (Part 1)

How to Float Today’s post and those that follow in the series are going to show you how to float.  The Float Spot will take you through the best practices, mentally and physically, so you’ll learn how to float for the best sensory deprivation tank experience possible. How to Float – Mindfulness The mental aspect of floating is perhaps the part most overlooked from the quick orientation most floatation centers give first timers.  While disappointing, it’s understandable – showing a person how to achieve a mindfulness mindset that’s already skeptical of a new, unique experience that takes place inside a Read more