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The Float Spot is a proactive wellness studio focusing on accelerated muscle recovery and total relaxation – a Tranquility Studio.  We are strong believers in taking a proactive approach towards our lives and well being. We care about who you are and, specifically, why you came to us. With each day seemingly getting shorter from all the chaos we manage to cram into a 24 hr day, we lose sight of taking care of our mind & body. At The Float Spot, we strive to provide some relief for your multiple muscle aches & joint pains, to help you deal with your overall body stiffness, daily stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and exercise/sports recovery.

Where did The Float Spot come from?

You cannot plan for stress. It happens every day and usually when you don’t have the time to do anything about it. Rarely do we get enough sleep and when we do get those four to six hours they never catch us up on our growing sleep debt. As we get older, our muscles & joints ache. We learn to just deal with it. We continually try to defy our age by not listening to what our bodies are telling us. With so much external stimuli in our daily lives, we never seem to be able to let go, to get away from those outside influences.

We live in a wild world right now. The economy, our jobs (or lack of them), global volatility, never having enough time to get everything done, constant road traffic and dozens of other issues. We live in a world where we not only burn the candle at both ends, buy in the middle as well. Yet, we expect the impossible: sharp, unwavering minds immune to fatigue, and bodies that can perform at their peak levels without the need for care. Then we have the nerve to wish for a 24 hour day to be longer. We totally get that and know firsthand what all the above feels like.

That’s what the Float Spot aims to achieve. We don’t seek to diagnose or cure. Only to help alleviate. The Float Spots’ goal is to make you feel good. We aren’t another spa or massage studio. Not a place where you feel guilty because you had to spend a lot of time and money or a place where strangers massage you after politely asking you to take your clothes off. The Float Spot is about taking a proactive approach to our own lives and the pressures we’re under. We care about what your name is, why you’ve come in and what we can do to help you out.

In working toward our goal we needed something that would do everything for our clients. After months of tedious research and thousands of miles of travel, we decided to use one of the most incredible and intriguing forms of relaxation in the world, the floatation tank. At the Float Spot, we use not just any tank, but the famous i-sopod® floatation tank. Imagine stepping into a modern piece of sculpted art, filled with 300 gallons of water precisely heated to between 93.9º and 96º, super saturated with 1100 lbs of medical grade Epsom Salts. The i-sopod will have you floating on your back with no effort at all in 11” of water. Floating as a technology for relaxation had been around since the 1970‘s, but the i-sopod took this to an entirely new level. It is already a proven success in countries around the world!

We could have stopped there to answer all of our clients’ needs, but we wanted to find a compliment to offer our clients. One that would help people de-stress quickly. A wonderfully relaxing massage in 1/2 the time of a traditional massage, with maximum benefit. Yes, you can definitely unwind in 30 minutes. It also needed to be inexpensive to enjoy.  So we decided to incorporate the most technologically advanced hydrotherapy experience in the world, the Aqua Massage®. The Aqua Massage is currently in use in over 72 countries around the world, bringing quality massage to an international clientele. When using the Aqua Massage, you remain fully clothed while 36 stimulating water jets controlled by the user journey up and down your body, melting away your tension, aches and pains, all in a short 30 minute session.  Essential oil aromatherapy and relaxing, meditative music are included in your Aqua Massage experience!

We want to be a destination point – the spot you go to, to really relax. When you enter The Float Spot you will know something is different. The world is tough out there and filled with many bumps along your way. The Float Spot is here to make your world just a bit smoother, much more tolerable and a whole lot happier.

We look forward to providing you with an incredible experience.


The Float Spot | Float Tank Frisco TX

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