What is an Aqua Massage?

As if the i-sopod floatation experience was not incredible enough, we decided to combine it with the most technologically advanced massage treatment in the world, the Aqua Massage. When using the Aqua Massage, you remain fully clothed while 28 stimulating, high pressured water jets (controlled completely by the user) journey up and down your body, like a massage by thunderstorm! Work on your entire body, a specific muscle group or a very small area while lying on your stomach, back or side. It’s your massage, so you should be the one that makes all the choices. After a 30 minute session, you’ll wonder where this has been all your life!

Aqua Massage Walkthrough

An Aqua Massage is an incredibly unique experience. No more having to get undressed to get relaxed. No more having to feel uncomfortable having a stranger touch your body. No more having to plan your massage at the right time of the day so your favorite therapist still has energy. No more having to get oily or wet or have varying degrees of intensity that make you feel even more tense.

These futuristic massage capsules boast 28 powerful water jets that massage your entire body at the pressure you want. Whether you choose to lie on your stomach or on your back, you will drift off into total relaxation. The water jets do not just focus on a small section at a time (although you do have that choice), but rather 3 points at the same time (front with left/right side or back with left/right side). Just imagine the anticipation of 36 water jets that start at your feet and travel the entire length of your body at the pace that you choose. Add to that an aromatherapy session, headphones for use with any MP3 player and a body cushion you sink into,  and you will never feel the same again about getting a massage.

  • Increases circulation which in turn drains tissues of excess fluids caused by injury, surgery, or pregnancy
  • Helps with stress, tension in neck, lower back and overall body pains and stiffness
  • Can help reduce pain and tingling in arms and legs caused by muscles pressing on nerves and help release muscle spasms
  • Massage is great for the human body and overall wellness

You don’t need to plan for an hour. A 30 minute Aqua Massage session is a quick attraction that we are confident you will love.


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