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Want us to clear some things up? Here’s what we get asked all the time.

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Do I need my swim suit?
Nothing at all. (naked... birthday suit... totally free from clothing... buck naked). You want as little sensory stimulation against your skin as possible!
Is Floating a brand new concept?
Actually, while it is greatly modernized, the first floatation tank was created in 1954 by the American neurophysiologist Professor Dr John C. Lilly while working and studying the origins of conscious activity in the brain. The first float tanks were originally developed as isolation tanks as the goal was to restrict environmental stimulations.
Who is floating beneficial for? What is a typical customer profile?
There really is not such a thing as a typical floater. Floating has evolved in the last 15 years to health and beauty spas, rehab facilities, professional sports teams and athletes around the world, and gradually to the general public. The most common uses for floatation are for relaxation, stress reduction, accelerated recovery from exercise, relief from chronic pain, during pregnancy, jet lag recovery and just plain "ME time." Basically, Floating is now mainstream, anyone can benefit from it, and everyone is encouraged to try it!
What is the Floating Experience like?
It's really like nothing else that you have experienced, for comparison sake. Our best description for you to wrap your arms and mind around is as follows: The water temperature coupled with the buoyancy created by the dense Epsom-salt solution means that once you are settled in the tank you will be brought as close as possible to an experience of complete weightlessness. In effect, your brain will be ‘fooled' into believing that you are literally suspended freely in mid-air. Floating weightlessly your body is perfectly supported by a cushion of silky liquid. Freed from all sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound, you conserve and redirect vast amounts of natural physical and mental energy. Unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will ever encounter where your body is free from the sensation of the force of gravity. Imagine the feature at the beginning of Forest Gump, completely light, and fully free!
Will I float because I can’t seem to float anywhere?
Yes, it is impossible to not float in the tank. The 1100 lbs of dissolved Epsom Salt is much more dense than your body, so your body is pushed to the surface.
Can I drown in the tank?
Only if you can lay face down in the water and can tolerate the sting of the salt in your eyes, nose and mouth OR allow someone else to lay on top of you while you allow all of the above to happen.
What if I’m claustrophobic?
You are not confined at any time and you can keep the canopy open if you'd like. You have all the control you need. The tank is 8′ 6″ long, 4′ 3″ tall and 5′ 5″ wide. You have plenty of room.
Will I sleep in the tank and if so, is it dangerous?
Some people fall easily asleep in the tank and some people use the tank for sleeping. A 60 minute session is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep. Usually, people feel apprehensive about falling asleep because they feel they might roll over. Because of the density of the solution, it is very difficult to roll over and most people that have a problem with sleeping on their backs, have no problem whatsoever in the tank.
Can I resume my day after I float?
Absolutely you can. Just plan enough time so you don't feel rushed getting back to your hectic life. You will know if floating is best for you in the morning or at night. It is different for each user.
The term sensory deprivation scares me!
It is very unfortunate that these have been the words chosen and used over the past decades to describe this experience. I assure you, your senses are fully operational and truthfully, are relieved of the sensory overload that we experience in everyday life. A better and more accurate description would be a reduction in sensory overload (and that is a very good thing, you'll see).
Is there a perfect time of the day to float?
Actually, the perfect time is different for each person, depending on their needs and schedule. One things for sure though. If you float during the day when your body is still "gearing up," then you will leave our studio relaxed, but have plenty of energy throughout the rest of the day. If you float late afternoon or early evening when your body is already "winding down" from the day, the experience is absolutely filled with total relaxation from the day. Either way, (especially your first night), people usually have an incredible night's sleep and wake up so refreshed the next day (with some noticeable energy).
How has floating evolved over the years since its inception?
Lilly's initial creation built for itself a vision much broader than he could have ever imagined. Over the years continued experiments, refinements and advancements have taken the original design and concept to a new enhanced relaxation experience as well as a practical level for everyday use, and in so doing, Floating is slowly taken the nation by storm, one market at a time.
With all the technological innovation used in the equipment, is it easy to use?

Sleeping and dreaming is one of the most in-depth things to study and explore, and yet is the most basic thing we do each day. Similarly, floating and the hydro-message, although they are contemporary and use cutting edge equipment are so easy and straightforward, even kids and people well into their 80's can do it…AND do regularly! Quite frankly, we try to keep things really simple for you because life is already too complicated already... isn't it?!

What if I struggle to relax and be still, can floating help?
ABSOLUTELY! The ultra-deep relaxation of floating "resets" the body's balance, strengthening resistance to and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise….any one, or multiple of which may be causing you restlessness. Every single muscle in the body as well as the mind will be enabled to drift into the deepest state of relaxation possible. As activity slows down, your mind will become fully synchronized with your creative side, leaving you in a dream-like state, akin to the thoughts experienced just before you drift into deep sleep.
Are there any stipulations I should know about prior to floating?

Yes, just a few.

  • A person, Must be at least 14 yrs. of age to float at The Float Spot
  • If you have a heart condition or have a pacemaker, please consult your physician prior to floating
  • If you have a fresh sunburn, you should not float until the burn has subsided
  • If you have caffeine before you float, it may interfere with your ability to relax
  • Pregnant women love to float, but we suggest you first consult your physician prior.
  • Ideally, shave more than 4 hours before a float or postpone till after, otherwise the salt will sting your skin for a few minutes.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, have an infectious disease, open skin wounds or have suicidal tendencies
  • You are an epileptic whose epilepsy is not under control
Is the experience standardized across the board or more personalized?
Actually, while the procedure is fairly universal, the experience is extremely intimate and personal. Rarely will two people have the same feelings and experience during a float. In fact, one individual might experience very different outcomes floating from one day to the next. Some people sleep, others meditate or pray, and still others enjoy a time of complete rest and thoughtlessness! Finally, you can be worry free, and have the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders…whatever that may mean for YOU, personally!
Are there customizable options during a float?
You will be in total control, so just relax! For instance, it's your choice to have the i-sopod canopy fully closed or open or to have the soothing electric blue lights and colorful experience on or totally off and rest fully in pitch darkness. Whatever you prefer. It is also your option to have music on during your entire experience, or totally off. Also, since it's ALWAYS your choice, you can pick to use your own music.
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