Hydromassage Frisco TXThe holidays are coming and you know what that means – shopping for gifts, cooking, baking, cleaning, making room for visiting family, wrapping and decorating, all while working your regular hours.  Very few of us can stand up under that pressure even if we seem like we have it all together; that’s where a hydromassage at The Float Spot in Frisco, TX comes in.  Sure, making time for a massage or two or three during the pre-holiday rush seems self-indulgent but if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will and you’ll pay for your neglect with a brain that’s stressed and a body that hurts.  Trying to enjoy the holidays with an aching body just doesn’t make sense.

At The Float Spot, our SpaCapsule (dry) Hydro Massage lets you reap all the benefits of a hands-on massage without the inconvenience of having to take your clothes off, which can be stressful all by itself, or making several big holes in your schedule to accommodate the appointments.  Each hydromassage you get at our Frisco, TX location takes about 20 minutes and you will be fully-clothed.  Twenty-eight jets of water

move up and down your body in the SpaCapsule, pulsing at the speed and pressure you choose, releasing toxins from a stimulated lymphatic system and increasing circulation in every blood vessel.  You’ll feel a dramatic reduction in muscle aches, spasms and tingling nerves.  Thinking and worrying about holiday preparations can create stress that starts in your head and moves into your neck and shoulders – a hydromassage at The Float Spot in Frisco, TX can help to relieve it.

Unlike a massage performed by a person, you have the power to control the pressure of the massage and you can choose to lay on your stomach, your back or your side.  While the water is massaging your tired body, you can listen to music or watch television or a movie inside the SpaCapsule.  And since you operate the machine by yourself, there’s no need to feel you have to make small talk with the person grinding their hands into your spine.   Once you’ve experienced a hydromassage at our Frisco, TX studio, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.
So when the excitement of holiday anticipation turns into the reality of holiday work, call us at The Float Spot at 469-440-2877 to make an appointment for a hydromassage session – or just show up when you need us because we always welcome walk-ins.  Visit www.thefloatspot.com to learn more about the SpaCapsule (dry) Hydro Massage and all of the other wellness services we provide.

Hydromassage Frisco TX
The FloatSPOT
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