Individual Services

AquaMassage Experience ($25)

For 20 euphoric minutes, let 28 high pressured water jets treat you to an experience you will not soon forget. From pressure as gentle as a light rain to feeling like you’re standing under a waterfall (and so much more in between), this very unique hands-free massage will make you feel amazing. Choice of aromatherapy included.

-$1 per minute for additional time (10 min increments)

RECESS  Float: 30 minutes ($49)

Are you “float-curious” or need a quick way to escape and don’t have enough time? Maybe you’re not quite sure if you can be still for an entire hour and enjoy the perfect setting for the ultimate in ME time? A simple 30 min float is beyond bliss!

RESET  Float: 60 minutes ($65)

Your 60 min float will feel like you just took a mind/body vacation. Ideal for deep meditation, combatting muscle aches/pains, clearing your cluttered mind or easing your tiredness from sleep deprivation. Escape from the stresses of daily life and come back a much better, more balanced you.

RETREAT  Float: 90 minutes ($90)

The choice of experienced floaters that use it for deep meditation, totally clearing their mind or simply to sleep. There is no telling where your mind will take you on your 90 minute retreat from the daily grind of life! This will up your meditation game to a whole new level.

REVIVE  Float: 120 minutes ($110)

Down for the count? So stressed that those around you avoid wandering in your path? Feel like your burning the candle at both ends and now decided to burn it in the middle as well. This float will get you back to feeling like your old self again. When you don’t have the time for a vacation, come and experience a 2 hr “Floatcation.” (yes, thats a word in the world of floating)

Membership Club

Aqua Unlimited Club $59/month

UNLIMITED aquamassage treatments every month (30 min.sessions)

The Float 60  Club $49/month

60 minutes of floating per month. Float for an hour every month, a half hour every other week, or however you choose to relax! Use the time yourself or share with someone who needs to de-stress!

-$25/30 min of extra time


The Tranquility 120 Club $99/month

120 minutes of floating per month.  Best value to float for an hour every two weeks, a half hour every week, share with a friend or however you choose to relax and use 120 minutes! Look at this as your body’s monthly vacation.



Abyss Unlimited Club $149/month

(BEST VALUE for those floating 3+ times each month)

UNLIMITED floatation sessions every month (30 or 60 min/day)

– additional float time @ $20/30 min increments



Oasis Unlimited Club $229/month

(ideal for those combining their float with an AquaMassage to absolutely relax their mind and body)

UNLIMITED floatation sessions every month (60 or 90 min/day)

– additional float time @ $15/30 min increments

UNLIMITED aquamassage treatments every month (20 min/day)

– additional minutes @ $5/10 min increments


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