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Thanks for giving a workaholic a moment of peace and much needed relaxation.
Casey A.
Reminds you that there is a part of you that doesn't exist in the physical world.
John S.
Really really cool stuff. Couldn't feel my body.
Amazing experience! Now I know what my baby was experiencing for 9 months! Liv Smith
Liv Smith
New and rewarding experience. My back already feels lighter 🙂 Thanks!
This experience was great - very relaxing. Got some reliefe from chronic pain 🙂 I will be back!
Amy M
I have never in my life experienced anything so wonderful and relaxing! I am hooked for life!
Love it! Beyond awesome.
J White
Simply blissful!
Out of body experience! Nirvana...
Beautiful experience! It felt like skydiving, but without the fear; just floating, peaceful.
I am 20 weeks pregnant and could hear my baby girl's heartbeat. It was really awesome!!
My stressful life STOPPED at the pod!!! Where did it go??? Wherever it was, I'm going back next month! Thanks!!! Life changing, so peaceful, body feels amazing!
MD “Laser Diva”

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